You are looking for average old fashioned career coaching? I am not your person.

Jan 21, 2021 | Career

“So, you have become one of the hundred average career coaches out there?”

I had to smile because I could remember that a certain cynicism used to be part of my everyday life. Had to disappoint my ex-colleague the other day, whom I hadn’t heard in a long time.

I still like him!🤓

Average has never been my thing. There is not the slightest trace of average career coaching in my approach.

Right off the bat, if you’re looking for a quick-bleach solution, save yourself the trouble.

In every sense.

I would not be the right person for you.

My approach is a mixture of my own experience that brought me through a 180° career change, my 10 years of experience in coaching and personal development, my 3 coaching degrees on an international level, the international activity that comes naturally to me as I grew up between two completely different cultures, my own strengths and abilities, as well as my mission. In addition, my approach is to guide you from the inside out to where it needs to go. Instead of trying to conform to what others want to determine for you, you learn to make your decisions from within, taking into account your personal situation. You will position yourself in the job market in an original and innovative way, based on self-confidence and determination.

I am determined, through my own activity, to change the attitude and general attitude towards professional activity and work in and for itself. In individuals as well as at the organizational level.

I would like to see a world where we all spend our days in professional activities that allow us to use our strengths, that is focused on performance and not on time spent, where we can reflect on our values, where we can develop and not get bored or exhausted. I wish that our professional activities become a source of inner fulfilment and growth, in every sense of the word.

Our work activity serves the development of our beings, materially as well as intellectually and spiritually.

We can, should, may demand much more from our profession. Our working activity is much more than a salary at the end of the month.

Therefore, if you find yourself in any of the following situations:

👑You want more success and reward in your current job-but aren’t clear on how to get there, because somehow it’s always stalling somewhere.

👑You don’t really know what you want, you feel like you’re going in circles, you’ve been fed up for years but nothing ever really changes-and you’re longing for clarity and for someone to guide you on the path to clarity

👑You want an exciting new job in the same field that uses your current talents and skills, and not the next best job you can get either on your own or through the employment office (in CH the RAV)

👑You want (or think you want) a completely new career, but aren’t sure how to go about it, so you seek the right support so you don’t spend years complaining about your current career while changing nothing concretely

👑You are thinking about starting your own business and want to explore this possibility for yourself, and seek the company of someone who has had the same experience for him/herself, and therefore knows what he is talking about.

and at the same time you are also longing for the following: (with or WITHOUT a job/position change).

💥To sign a contract for a job that makes sense in your (new or same) occupation-that is right for you, and that suits your personality

💥Taking on a new role and finding crystal-clear answers to your (mid-life-career) questions so that you feel internally liberated from the eternal thoughts around the job

💥Clarity regarding the options available to you, and the inner realization that you always have a choice- so that you can choose your own path

💥Getting a raise in a job where you can reflect on your values, strengths, skills (is not the same) and beliefs so that you also get a material reflection and appreciation of your work

💥Adapt your identity=your BEING to what YOU desire to be professionally- so that you can free yourself from conditioning

💥Discover and dissolve your (unconscious )blockages-forever, so that you can calmly take the next career step

💥To be your own leader, so that you can shape your professional future as you wish, without worrying much about what others think of it

💥Discover practical approaches whereby you can steer your thoughts in the right direction so that you are not surrendered to circumstances

and in addition you are also aware that coaching is a solution-oriented approach that guides you towards desired future results instead of focusing on past experiences or suspected reasons for current dissatisfaction.

Then, and really in that case, I cannot wait to be talking to you.

Here is the link for a first strategy breakthrough call with me. Sign up now!



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