Why responsibility is all you need

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You probably already know that this trait is an important one, don’t you?

How often have you heard that in your life?

From the times at school, I remember having been told and judged either “she’s being responsible” or also “she’s not being responsible.” 

But do you know what being responsible really means?

It’s simpler then one could think: “something that it is your job or duty to deal with” according to Cambridge Dictionary. 

Now consider that definition and look at your own career. 

What this means is that if something has not happened, plain and simple, you have not been responsible for dealing with it. 

Or you can flip that and say you have been irresponsible. If something needs to be dealt with in your career, you are responsible for dealing with it. 

And if it doesn’t happen, then you have been irresponsible for not dealing with it. 

But what most people do is they’re not 100% taking over responsibility for it. 

And then they actually blame something outside of themselves, some person, some circumstances, some external variant. And that’s not being 100% responsible. Anytime that you are justifying something, and you say “it’s not my fault, I’m this way, It’s because of my boss or my colleagues, or my company, or that” you are not being a 100% responsible person. 

So let me ask you: What do you need to be responsible for today?

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