What is the right FOCUS?

Jun 14, 2018 | Resources

What is the right FOCUS?

by | Resources

It?s late as I am writing this and I wanted to get this message through this week, as everything I experience at the moment is based on it.


When we intend to start changing some situations of ours, such as in our work, careers, and lives, there is an enormously important concept to consider before even starting to think of the thousands of details which come to our minds.

Various people I spoke to this week, get lost into tons of details. Way too many details and thinking analysis around the ?how? to achieve something or to change, speak transform it.

Well, all the time we are spending on this HOW, is, sorry for being direct?WASTED.

While transitioning into what I am doing now I got trapped very often into this pattern. I lost way too much time in analyzing and thinking of details around tons of things to do, say, research, prepare, people to speak to etc.

This is absolutely normal and that is how we are taught to function and think.
But the important part of it is that:

It is USELESS to focus on the HOW if you still do not know the WHAT nor the WHY.

If we do not know WHY we want, need and decide to do something we will never be able to determine the correct HOW to do it.
And if we do not know the WHAT you will not be able to determine the WHY.

Does this make sense?

Therefore, in order not to lose more time in doing stuff which is just leading us to avoid facing the real issue of what it is we want to be different, we need to set up the correct sequence of action.

WHAT-WHY ( Hugely relevant, needs a full program to be dedicated to it!) and finally the HOW.

We will discover then, that the how is actually much easier to determine if the sequence is set up correctly >>>>> WHAT-WHY-HOW

I wish you a wonderful week!


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