The trick with your comfort zone (2/2)

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Last week we looked at how your comfort zone is tricking you and keeping you small.

We spoke about Optimal Anxiety as being scientifically proven state where people achieve high performance.

So now, how do we get into this state of OPTIMAL ANXIETY? 

How do you step out of the comfort zone?

Do everyday something new.

Take a different route to work. Try a new restaurant without checking Google first. Go vegetarian for a week, or a month.

Take your time making decisions.

Slow down, observe what’s going on, take your time to interpret what you see, and then intervene.

Think, don’t just react.

Trust yourself and make snap decisions.

I am contradicting myself, I know, but there’s a good reason. Just as there are people who thrive on snap decisions, others are more comfortable weighing all of the possible options several times, over and over again. Sometimes making a snap call is in order, just to get things moving.

Do it in small steps!

It takes a lot of courage to break out of our comfort zone. 

You get the same benefits whether you go in with both feet as you do if you start slow, so don’t be afraid to start slow. If you’re socially anxious, don’t assume you have to immediately ask your crush on a date, just say hello to them and see where you can go from there.

There are lots of other ways to stretch your personal boundaries. You could learn a new language or skill. Learning a new language has multiple benefits, many of which extend to learning any new skill.

Connect with people that inspire you, or volunteer with an organization that does great work.

Travel, whether you go around the block or across the globe. Visiting new and different places is perhaps one of the best ways to really broaden your perspective, and it doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to do.

Hire a coach, somebody who guides you through the expansion of stepping out of your comfort zone. Especially when it comes to your career and if you are unhappy.  

One or two or five years in a job that isn’t right where many people spend 40-60 hours a week is way too large of a time to spend unhappy or unfulfilled.

Going through a career RE-Invention on your own has been compared to an effort similar to losing 22 KG’s on your own without any type of support.

The most successful people at it, do it with support. 

They actually KNOW that they need to step out of their comfort zone and hire somebody to help them see what they do not see.

Look: To get different results than the rest of the world you’re going to have to behave differently than the rest of the world. 

Once you learn your path to find and do work you love, you have become a different person in the process and you can continue to do it for the rest of your life. 

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