Rediscovering Purpose: Navigating the Non linear Career Path

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From Linear Ladders to Personal Paths: Finding Purpose and Fulfillment in Today's Career Landscape

Imagine if each morning you were excited to go to work. Imagine if you could harness your strengths, find a renewed purpose, and see a more substantial amount in your account at the end of the month. Picture having more time with your loved ones and creating space for what truly matters to your heart.

A couple of mornings ago, the renowned Neue Zürcher Zeitung featured an insightful article titled, "The linear career no longer exists. How managers and employees deal with career breaks." Delving into its content, the core message stood out: "Many employees and managers are now choosing to diversify their career paths, often taking a detour or even a step back. The zigzag career has become the norm."

The article further emphasized the importance of unique strengths: "Opt for a job that only you can excel in rather than competing with numerous applicants for a generic position. Rather than continually climbing the traditional career ladder, consider lateral or even downward moves."

Reading this, I felt immense satisfaction, seeing the remarkable transformation the concept of work has undergone in recent years.

In 2017, I began my mission to guide high performers through transformative career transitions, aiming to help them find renewed purpose, passion, fulfillment, and financial growth. At the time, the linear career was the predominant model, and many were perplexed by my approach.

Yet, I was convinced of its potential impact, for I had discerned a deep-seated need within both the corporate world and myself.

With over 17 years in the corporate sphere, spanning large financial institutions to small boutique offices, I observed a common sentiment. Very few seemed truly fulfilled in their roles, with most elated on Fridays and dreading Mondays.

I, too, felt that void.

Despite promotions, raises, and bonuses, my job lacked that spark. Deciding to leave and pursue my passion was challenging but rewarding. The solopreneur journey, with all its ups and downs, has been more fulfilling than I ever imagined.

Realizing that my personal frustrations weren't isolated, I believed many would soon start questioning their career paths. As the saying goes, "the most personal issues are often the most universal."

Purpose-driven lives bring value on multiple fronts. Those connected to their purpose in the workplace report being more fulfilled, engaged, and productive, fostering better professional relationships.

Still, I recall countless sleepless nights, wrestling with existential questions:
  • What is my purpose?

  • What are my core strengths and values?

  • Why has my passion for my job faded?

  • How can I pivot to doing what I love and still earn well?

  • Can I see myself coaching long-term? Why am I drawn to it?

Fear of judgment and loss of prestige held me back. However, I've come to realize that others' opinions pale in importance compared to our self-perception.

So, I pose these questions to you:
  • How much emphasis do you place on others' opinions?
  • Do you actively pursue your desires and strengths?
  • Are you aware of what truly defines you?
If these questions resonate, then perhaps it's time for introspection.

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