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6 Steps to Transforming your Career at Midlife

Are you feeling trapped in  “analysis paralysis”?

Are you applying to all possible job offerings, without exactly knowing what you are looking for?

Do you currently feel as if your wings are capped and your career is stuck with no perspective of growth?
Does the idea of staying in the same role for another 20-25 years dread you?
In this FREE training you will learn how to:

  1. Transform your career at midlife while staying financially stable
  2. Fortify your mindset, clarify your perspective and enhance your determination to find and create a renewed purpose for the second part of your career
  3. Learn how to create a strategic approach to change
  4. How to avoid the most common mistakes applied in a career transition phase, especially at midlife
  5. Eliminate the inside -out obstacles that make you lose precious months or years in inaction
  6. Nail your renewed positioning and learn the most modern strategies to nail your next career

Mindset to Sustain Your Strategy

Growing the confidence to pursue your goals, without getting stuck in old blocks or fears is the baseline

Strategy to Plan Your Steps

Develop a tangible career plan and learn all the strategies that lead you to your success

Execution to Reach Your Goals

Follow through on your strategy without hesitation and attain your success