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Lead Your female health

Are you ready to learn all the self-leadership tools to keep on rocking in your life and career during and beyond menopause?

If we do not care of our health first, we cannot take care of our careers and/or lives.

As women at middle age, we face a very intimate and new phase- menopause.

Your female relatives may not have even discussed it with you when you were growing up; or if they did, perhaps it was only in reference to the unpleasant hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings that go along with it. The truth is that 100% of us women go through menopause, it’s not optional!

We as women are extremely vulnerable to midlife malaise, not only because of the changes in our bodies, but because society expects us to be caretakers, breadwinners, and beauty queens all the time.

Lead your menopause methodnew

With the Lead Your Menopause Method you will be mastering the tools, the mindset work and the attitudes you will need to become the leader of your menopause years so that you can master your health, life and career without burning out or feeling unwell.

menopause method consist in determine, advocate, execute and lead steps
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