How To Get What You Want At Work

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Today a reflection on how we can all get more of what we want at work- given one, two simple conditions.

If you are like me, you must have asked yourself what the easiest path is to get what you want. At least once.

In life and at work.

Today we will be talking about how to get what you want at work. During these weeks of Covid 19 lockdown the whole world went through, and is still going through, I spoke to several people about how they loved the home office solution, and how much more productive they were than they thought they could be. 

In addition these people also shared with me that they were very worried to have to go back to work again, to have to commute for long hours in the morning, that they were afraid of not enjoying their work anymore once they got used to working from home.

The message of today, is addressed to the people who are asking themselves “how can I get to do more home office work”, “how can I get what I want”, “how do I approach my boss”, “how can I communicate my needs and wants in order to obtain a positive answer”?

Here’s a video with my reflection and tips to the above questions.

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