Do you ever think of this?

Jun 7, 2018 | Resources

Do you ever think of this?

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Yesterday I wanted to spend my day being highly productive and pragmatic.
Then out of a sudden, I found myself trapped in watching videos about a specific topic.
Taking the time to dedicate myself to diving into this topic, has helped me massively to support my clients in a very powerful way.

I am getting more and more interested and intrigued by the power of our thoughts, the healing power of our thoughts, neuroscience, and epigenetics.
Basically, the newest and most recent tendencies self-development and coaching are heading towards.

And they all develop themselves around one main concept:


This thought struck me because it is extremely true.

Let?s reflect for one moment: we complain about our career situation, our relationships, our bosses, our colleagues, and spend the time talking about ALL the things we DO NOT WANT.

By focusing on what we do not want we do not seem to have any space, energy or drive left for what we actually WANT.

I quite often work with people who do not know what they want, they just know what they absolutely do not want anymore.

Well, here is the news: as long as you do not decide to make space for positive thoughts, around stuff and situations you DO WANT, you will have a very hard time advancing.

In other words: Focusing on what we want means as well, acknowledging that not ALL of what we have experienced till now is the ?horror? situation. It starts with being grateful for what you already have and are.

I wish for you to learn how to look at all the advantages you got at being healthy, at living in a developed country, at having a job, at earning money, at having met certain people, at having certain friends.

If we start a transformation path from the perspective of ?I am grateful of having this opportunity? it makes it much easier to take the steps and go ahead.

For today, I wish for you to take a moment, and reflect: what am I grateful for, as of today, and what do I want to grow into?

Have a wonderful week!


P.S. If you?d like to have a personal conversation with me about making a career transition as a multi-potential, high-achiever professional, I?d love to offer you a complimentary coaching session with me. In this session, we will identify your current issues and needs so that we develop a strategy to get you on the right path. You can sign up here 🙂

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