You have always loved what you did so far, but in the last period you find yourself confused, demotivated, always planning the next holidays, your feelings swing from bored to frustrated.

The problem is- you feel pretty stuck.

Stuck somewhere you do not belong.
Stuck in a role that doesn’t fit anymore.
Stuck in between boredom and frustration- about the fact that nothing has helped so far.
Stuck in between upcoming burnout and the illusion that next year everything will be better

You even tried to change job, perhaps multiple times, but you realised it did not help that much.
The worst about this, is that most probably you have been in this situation for quite some time now.
One thing you know: you are not available to pursue your career of the next 15+ years feeling like you are now.

“Something needs to change” you tell yourself. “But what? And how do I make this happen?”
I get you.
I have been exactly where you are right now.

Back in corporate I was changing job every 2-3 years. This is how I grew. Made more money. I was looking for more, but did not know what I was looking for.

It took me over 6 years to develop the courage to transform my own career. I was afraid of losing it all, the status, the prestige, the illusion of safety.

Even if I followed all the career growth strategies, I knew that in order to step into my potential, I needed to outgrow my fear, to face my inner narrative and to finally decide. Decide in my favour.

Yes, because all I was doing, by persisting in my previous career, was fulfilling somebody else’s expectations of me. 

This is how I came to realise that in order to successfully transform your career, you need to go deeper than simply following a career development strategy. 

It’s not enough to discover your strengths, skills and values- you will need to work on your fear of failure and imposter syndrome, in order for you to find alignment and fulfilment.

Merging the tangible with the untangible is what leads to transformation.


This combination is the essence of success. 

My method, the Career Leadership Formula ™ is specifically designed for you, a high-achieving and ambitious professional at midlife, who have been in your current profession for at least 7-10 years and feel the need for a change or perhaps even a reinvention, because you are dissatisfied with your current situation and cannot imagine yourself spending the next 25 years of your career doing the same.

My coaching style is very unique because I blend the business and strategy aspects with the thoughts and emotional management.


You are looking for much more than simple career coaching, you are looking for somebody who can accompany you creating clarity and upleveling your professional situation, because right now, it really sucks and the idea to keep on going for another 20-25 years like this, terrifies you.

By the time you figure out your job sucks, it has sucked for a very long time.

The CLF ™  takes unfulfilled and frustrated mid-career high achievers like yourself, who find themselves stuck in their career, to a renewed sense of purpose and fulfilment. The method focuses on giving you the strategical tools and fortifying your mindset so that you can grow your self confidence and make the money you are worth. You will have a career you created strategically from the inside out that allows you to live at your highest potential at attain self-actualization.

Without losing financial stability nor status or prestige, you will be able to fortify your mindset, clarify your perspective and enhance your determination to transition your career within the shortest time possible. This by eliminating the inside-out obstacles that make you lose precious months or years in action.
 And last but not least you will find out how to avoid the most common mistakes applied in a career transition phase, especially at midlife. 


You will increase your confidence
and realize your
desired result


You will Implement the Strategy step by step and attain new opportunities in the market


You will create awareness around your value as a professional so that you can sell your professional and personal skills at a higher income level

My Method

My method is a step by step strategic formula to transform and elevate your career from the inside out that leads you to more money and more fulfilment fast. It considers your essence as a professional, guides you in finding out your deepest values, helps you identify your inner and outer resources while eliminating the inner and outer obstacles that are in the way,


You will define your new self-image so that you take the necessary steps to follow the inside-out strategy created


You will gain clarity on
your career situation so that
you can take
clear decisions


You will shift your self limiting beliefs so that you clearly communicate the value you bring to the market


my offers for you


CLF V.I.P. Intensive

Become a Very Intentional Professional

1-1 Coaching Program 6 months

Career Leadership Formula™

From Deceived High-Achiever to Self Actualized High Performer

We will work together for 3-6 months, in a 1:1 or group setting, depending on your requirements.

“I realised that i could have both a meaningful career and time for my family“

Senior UX designer, Emakina

“Working with Claudia has been incredibly beneficial for myself and for my career“

“I felt immediately connected with Claudia, who understood my needs.”