How the “only way is through” never gets old

If you have the desire to thrive in your work, to attain better working conditions within the same position you currently hold, or to start doing something which fulfills your purpose, something that you really WANT to do, that is challenging, interesting, stimulating, that makes you grow, and that also makes you earn good money, […]

What is money worth to you?

Talking about money is still a huge taboo. As a woman, and especially as a European woman, and more than anything else, as a half Swiss woman. I still want to do it. I love money. I know I should not be saying that, but I do. I should not be saying that because of […]

3 things you experience if you find yourself in the wrong job

Today I want to talk about 3 things that you can experience if you find yourself in the wrong career. I will tell you about 3 thoughts and feelings that if you experience them, you very probably need to change something in your career as you definitely are in the wrong professional situation. 

How To Get What You Want At Work

Today a reflection on how we can all get more of what we want at work- given one, two simple conditions. If you are like me, you must have asked yourself what the easiest path is to get what you want. At least once. In life and at work. Today we will be talking about […]

Working only to pay the bills? Do not let it be that way in 2023

If you are reading this you most probably felt called into question by the title of my message. You can see how working only to pay the bills relates to you, can’t you? Most people wake up each morning because they have to go to work. And the reason they go to work is that […]

How to best deal with challenges at work

If you’re like most people who have a job, during your career, you may have encountered some challenges at work. Your boss might have left, or maybe you don’t get along well with him or her, the company you work for is being restructured, your department is separated and your career future might be very […]