Are you Successful-and Happy?

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Todays it’s about ambition and how we often confuse it with being equal to happiness and fulfillment. 

If you are reading this you most probably are used to the fact that I like to check the exact meaning of a specific word. Todays we tackle “Successful”

Here is a dictionary definition.


achieving or having achieved success

having attained wealth, position, honors, or the like.

In order to be a successful professional you certainly must have shown some ambition during the course of your career so far.

Without ambition you would never have attained the success you are experiencing.

I would love for you to start reflecting about what type of ambition has been driving you to where you find yourself in your work?

Was it because of the prestige of the employer, the money you were offered, the interesting tasks you were assigned, what were you or are you ambitious about?

Take some time and reflect on this for you.

Being an ambitious person can possibly lead to being a successful professional, but in my experience and that of many other people on a worldwide scale, it is not a guarantee for fulfillment or happiness.

If you identify yourself in being ambitious you also most probably put value on growth and evolution.

You most probably always want more. 

But more of what?

Your success does not equal your colleagues success or your bosses success.

See, many people define success very easily. 

They think it’s when you achieve a higher hierarchy at work or when you get promoted and get an increase of compensation.

Being ambitious is the foreword to successful and being successful is a very personal criteria, which gets determined by only you knowing yourself well and being aligned to your personal values. 

Your career success can only make you happy and fulfilled the moment it matches your personal values.

Take some time and define what are you ambitious about when it’s your career?

What does your own personal version of success stand for?

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