Are you familiar with FOPO too?

Jun 21, 2018 | Resources

Are you familiar with FOPO too?

by | Resources

I am writing to you today with a topic in mind which I will be going to expand over the next couple of weeks and months.

Personally, I am seeing too many people being impacted by it, being stopped by it and not being able to go where they want to go because of this specific topic.

It impacted me too, for way too long.

I am talking about FOPO?- Fear of Other People?s Opinion.

This is?HUGE.

Let?s just stop a moment and think about where in your life and especially in your career this specific fear is impacting you.

We learn to basically accept FOPO as being part of our days from very early on.

Some people adapt themselves to it and build their whole existences around this.

What will others say?

What will ?

my parents, my friends, my neighbours, people, cousins, teachers, my sister, my brother, my husband, my wife?etc etc. (endless list!)

Think/say of me??

Basically what happens is that we make up a hypothesis about what other people, mostly (and hopefully) people who are close to us, will think of us, if WE START LIVING THE LIFE WE WANT.

Think about this for a minute.

How do we know that all these people will be judging us badly for what we choose to do, believe, say or change into?

I see too many people not opting for taking the right steps for them in their careers, because of what others will think of them.

Too many people having jobs and doing work they do not really care about.

Just because apparently that is what THEY think they are supposed to do.

What they think is expected of them.

What they think they need to ?be? in society.

Because of FOPO.

I want to develop this topic within the next months.

It is a broad one and it brings up many subtopics, which we will be addressing.

Many people don?t even get awareness around this. And this is something I want to address. Let?s start with bringing up some awareness around this topic.

How can I support YOU bringing some awareness around this?

I want to close this newsletter with one beautiful quote:

?The quality of your life depends on the questions you ask yourself.?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments, let me know which questions do you ask yourself around today?s topic.

Your life, your work and YOURSELF are precious, needed and very important.

Never forget that.

With warm regards,


PS: Next week I will tell you why my slogan and my logo have changed and switched to what they are now.
It?s a fun story, which has been impacted by FOPO too!

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