Lead your


for a Career on Your Own Terms

Lead yourself

Lead your career


for a Career on Your Own Terms

You have invested so much money in your education in order to be successful in your career.
You earn a good salary.
Maybe your employer is a “prestigious” one. But you’re also bored and more and more frustrated with your job.

Something needs to change,
you are ready for more, but what?

Maybe you’ve changed jobs several times over the years. Or perhaps you’ve just kept your head down and stayed at the same job for years to try to move up. You continue to hope for the next promotion or the next salary increase to bring you back the joy and motivation.

Claudia has worked
with high performers working at:


Renate Mayer

Mkg & Sales Consultant, Deicher Consulting

Claudia is an incredibly talented coach that I can highly recommend!
She helps you discover your values and beliefs and brings clarity on what you are really striving for in your career.

Vanessa Blanka-Graff

International Executive MBA

I had recently graduated from an executive MBA. After almost 4 years on leave / staying at home mom, I felt the need of looking for opportunities to get back in the professional market.

Marie-Noëlle Jerschke

Associate Partner, Fair Capital

With Claudia I discovered a completely new world. I am convinced that I wouldn’t have managed to make the progress I have made without having her on my side. She is an exceptional listener…

Why you?

You have probably worked with a couple of career and job coaches, and adapted your CV or resume dozens of times, right?

You actually know how to do that on your own.

You’ve probably done all the personality tests and listened to many Youtube motivational videos.

You’ve tried to resist the frustration and lack of motivation on Monday mornings and just dealt with it.

But why does this happen to you now, after 10+ years of working?

You are starting to joke about it- and assume it’s the way it has to be. It’s normal right?

Everyone hates Mondays. That is what people do. People hate their work.

Let me tell you upfront: this is not the way it is supposed to be.

You can have much more than this.

“By the time you figure out your job sucks, it has sucked for a very long time. Do not wait further, it’s your life, and you only have one”

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