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Ready to transition your career & earn more money 7x faster by learning how to position yourself strongly and with clarity on the market, so that you can live at your highest potential?

«My clients often say that our work together impacts much more than their career or their finances: it changes their lives. Together we shift things at their essence. My motto: Lead Yourself, Lead Your Career »

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I'm Claudia..

I work with type A midlife professionals who want to transition or grow their careers, live at their highest potential, and connect with a feeling of inner satisfaction, while earning more money.


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Career Leadership Formula ™

In my coaching program I focus on offering a combination of both strategic, tactical and personal transformation approaches that eliminate resistances and uplevel the self confidence level, so that the transition takes place much quicker and with a substantial increase in earnings- all while drastically reducing the transition time.


Women's Midlife Health Formula

In my health coaching program for
women at middle age
I focus on teaching the tools, the mindset work and the tactics you need to best navigate your menopause years so that you can master your health, life and career without instability all whilefeeling good in your body and mind.

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My Method

My method is a strategic formula to transition and elevate your career from the inside out, that leads you to more money and more fulfillment fast.

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“Having worked with Claudia was incredible beneficial for me and my career.”

Having worked with Claudia was incredible beneficial for me and my career. Her commitment to me as her client and her general work attitude were and still are outstanding. The clarity and structure she brought into each coaching session are phenomenal and gave me the orientation and trust that I needed. 

Before I worked with Claudia, I already worked with two other coaches with whom I could not really advance and become clear on what I wanted to do with my career. If people want to change their career then Claudia is the right one as she is honest (no bullshitting) and identifies the pain points to make change possible. 

Claudia knows what she is talking about. She offers her personal experiences as well as so many other resources. She is a great leader and mentor and I feel honored that I had and still have the opportunity to work with her.


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